That Green Thing
is new software-as-a-service for music publishers, featuring advanced music metadata management, world-wide electronic registration of musical works and innovative royalty statement processing.

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Video Introduction


Editing a Musical Work

THAT GREEN THING - Editingn a Musical Work

fast and intuitive
user interface

advanced searching and filtering

shortcuts and actions
for faster task completion

register musical works
with CMOs and DSPs, using

Common Works Registration

accepted world-wide

CWR Preview

THAT GREEN THING - Common Works Registration

Video Tutorials


process royalties
from (almost) any source

create royalty statements

with (almost) any accounting software


Support for Plan
Basic Administration Sub-publishing Full
Original publishers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Administrators Yes Yes
Sub-publishers * Yes Yes

* Providing sub-publishing services to third parties.

is all you need if you are just acting as original publisher. If you are affiliated with multiple CMOs in different coutries, and want to register directly in all of them, this plan has you covered, you don't need Sub‑publishing.

is for music publishers offering administration services to other publishers. The largest benefit of this plan is in advanced royalty processing options, which you can perform for both yourself and your clients.

is for music publishers offering sub-publishing services to other publishers. Configuring sub-publishing services is extremly simple, but the resulting registrations are not. Good that you don't need to ever look at them. (But you can.)

combines Administration and Sub-Publishing, making it ideal for large publishers.

Note that none of the plans limit the number of works, recording or users.


Basic Administration Sub-publishing Full
Setup fee € 107 € 161 € 161 € 207
Price per month € 107 € 161 € 161 € 207
Price per year
1 month free, no setup fee
€ 1.177 € 1.771 € 1.771 € 2.277
Early bird price per year
Available now!
€ 1.177 € 1.177 € 1.771


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