Pricing and Trial

The basic set of features costs EUR 120 per month. This includes one supported user. Users you support internally are free.

Most of additional features cost additional EUR 30 per month each. Complex additional features (e.g. sub-publishing or administration) cost EUR 60 per month each.

Additional supported users cost EUR 30 per month.

If you need more CPU/RAM, this will cost you additional EUR 30 or EUR 60.

There is a setup fee, the same amount as your monthly bill. If you choose to pay annually, you pay for 10 months and there is no setup fee.

Manual data cleanup and other manual work costs EUR 30 per hour. If cleanup is much faster with a bit of programming, then it is EUR 60 per hour. In both cases, we round up to the full hour.

All prices are excl. VAT. (If you are not from EU, then you don't pay VAT, if you are, then you know how it works.)

The first step is to contact us so that we can schedule an initial call. The goal is that we, together, figure out what your needs are, if TGT would be right for you, and what the price would be.

If we agree to proceed, there is an obligatory trial. The goal is that either side can say no. If both sides choose to go into production, you pay from the start of the trial period.