That Green Thing is is a tool for music publishers, available as a software-as-a-service , featuring advanced music catalogue management, electronic registration of musical works, powerful music metadata exchange, and innovative royalty statement processing.

Clients are supported by people who know both software and music publishing, including specifics about CMOs in many countries.


In 2021, we prepared many videos about That Green Thing, including tutorials covering most of the functionalities. These videos are now 2 years old. They are still very relevant, but not telling the whole story. Additional information can be found on this website.

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This playlist includes all videos about TGT: introduction, plans, concepts, tutorials, etc.

That Green Thing Tutorials

If you want to see TGT in action, without clutter, watch only the tutorial videos.

For educational videos about music publishing, metadata, registrations, etc., visit Music Metadata channel on YouTube.