Multiple First-Party Publishers

1st party publishers are your entities, while 2nd/3rd party publishers are all other publishers, including clients. The reason why a publishing company has multiple entities is due to regulatory nonsense. We simply undo the stupidity of it.

The concept of 1st party versus 2nd/3rd party publishers is explained in Concepts in detail, as well as in the following video.

Video explaining this concept.

Most publishers in almost all countries have a single publishing entity, and this whole concept is irrelevant for them. However, it is very relevant for many publishers in the US, where multiple publishing entities are a standard, due to PRO rules.

If you own multiple publishing entities (with different IPI numbers), you need this feature, otherwise you don't. It's that simple.

White Label

This software is available under other brands. In case of CMOs who offer it to their members, this feature may not be available.