Territorial Support and Self-Sub-Publishing

From client perspective, this feature has two aspects: Territorial CMO Affiliations and Self-Sub-Publishing.

Territorial CMO Affiliations

With this feature, any first-party publisher can have different affiliations with CMOs for different territories. How to use this feature is explained in the following video.

Tutorial video about publishers and multiple CMO affiliation]


Due to CMO rules and legacy issues with registrations of musical works, if a publisher wants to register works directly with multiple CMOs in multiple countries, they have to pretend that they are their own sub-publisher. We call this self-sub-publishing.

There are important differences between self-sub-publishing and real sub-publishing, both when it comes to registrations and royalty processing.

For acting as your own "sub-publisher", you need this feature. It also includes support for society-assigned agreement numbers, required in some societies.

For real sub-publishing, have a look at Sub-Publishing.

White Label

This software is available under other brands. In case of CMOs who offer it to their members, this feature may not be available.